Scale Model Handbook: Theme Collection #3


Stelios Demiras


Mr Black Publications


24,95 Euros


Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISSN: 2653-8636, softcover, 82 pages, full color

This is the third of SMH's themed figure books and is a compilation of previously published articles that fits into a specific theme. This one is Ancient Warriors and is a favorite of modelers as much for the wealth of detail these kits provide as well as the chance to do some rather bloodied subjects.

As a note, the article sequence is not the same as the images on the cover

We start off with a 75mm Gallic Chieftain of the 1st Century. This article concentrates on painting tartan.

#2 is Boudicca, Queen of the Icini. This is the lone female figure in the book.

Next is 'The Barbarians'. This one is, like the previous figure, in 75mm (which is 1/24 scale)

The first 200mm figure is a Seleucid General, a very impressive bust.

Another 75mm figure is Roma Victor, Germania 180 AD.

Attila, King of the Huns is a very nicely done 54mm figure

Another bust, this time in 180 mm, is Greek Hoplite. This article concentrates on using oils.

The Praetorian Guard figure is 75mm is as much about doing an appropriate base as the figure itself.

General Marcus Antonius is another 180mm bust that has a passing resemblance to Richard Burton.

Next up is an article on representing blood using several figures.

An article that focuses on painting red is 'Pausanius at the Battle of Plataea in 479 BC'. This is a 90mm figure.

Primus Pilus, Roman Centurion is a step by step article using this 75mm figure.

In 54mm is Hero Saxon Warrior, 5th Century AD and finally we go back to the 5th Century BC for a 75mm Greek mercenary.

So there you have it. Fourteen very well done articles and the usual superlative photography that one has come to expect from Mr. Black. Well worth picking up.

Thanks to Mr Black Publications for the review book. You can get this book at this link.

June 2019  

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