Scale Model Handbook: Figures #23


Stelios Demiras


Mr Black Publications


14,95 Euros


Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISSN: 2241-1054, softcover, 48 pages, full color

This next edition of SMH continues with their great series of articles on figure modeling. There are seven articles in this edition, covering a variety of military subjects with several of the articles more comprehensive that what is the norm.

First up is a 54mm figure set that depicts a series of troops affected by poison gas during WWI headed back to the rear areas. They are modeled walking along the standard duckboard that covered the bottom of trenches during the war.

Next is a 1/16 figure of MaxWunsche, an SS officer as he was at Kharkov in 1943.

The third article is a nice vignette of three Vikings standing in a doorway. A fair part of the article is on building the diorama base.

An eyecatching mini-diorama is next that depicts several German soldiers along with a schwimmwagen in a cemetery during the Ardennes offensive of 1944. This is in 1/35th scale.

A 75mm 12th Century knight is the next article in a striking pose.

This is followed by another 75mm figure, this time a WWI British artilleryman.

Finally we have a Greek freedom fighter from 1821, this time in 54mm. 4.

So there you have it. Seven excellent articles with the usual superlative photography that one has come to expect from Mr. Black. Well worth picking up.

Thanks to Mr Black Publications for the review book. You can get this book at this link.

January 2019  

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