Scale Model Handbook: Figures vol 21


Stelios Demiras


Mr Black Publications


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISSN: 2241-1054, softcover, 50 pages, full color

Scale Model Handbook  #21 again concentrates on the World Wars. There are nine articles with four of them concentrating on WWI. Four of them are also busts which is a fairly high concentration of this type of figure.

First up is a 120mm WWII SS soldier in a winter scheme from the Kharkov battle of 1943. This is a pretty long article with lots of 'how to' photos.

Next is the first bust and this is a 180mm Mick Mannock, a WWI ace.

The third article is also fairly long and is a WWI British artillery Major from the 1916 Somme battle.

Slipping back to the 180mm busts is a German soldier at Stalingrad in 1942. This is a short one that simply lists the colors used on various parts of the figure.

In 54mm we have a small vignette of German WWI soldiers carrying a comrade on a stretcher.

Back to WWII a 50mm German SS soldier and the base that was made to display him.

The second to last bust is a WWII Russian Cossack in 180mm.

Finally another German soldier bust in 180mm, but this time a stormtrooper from WWI.

It makes for a nice selection and as with all of the articles in this series, there are a ton of photographs. Very much worth picking up.

July 2018

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