Mushroom Models Publications' Single Vehicle No.02: 7TP


Przemysław Skulski


Mushroom Model Publications


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: Sv 02, ISBN 978-83-66549-60-9

The 7TP was arguably the best light tank prior to the start of WWII. Where most light tanks were armed with either rifle caliber machine guns or at most a 20mm canon, the 7TP had a 37mm Bofors canon. Developed from the British Vickers 6 ton tank, the 7TP was fairly fast and had good cross country capabilities. It was also fairly reliable. Its biggest weakness and one shared by all pre-war light tanks, was its fairly thin armor. Thanks to its limited number built, few survived the campaign and no complete tanks survived the war.

This is Mushroom Models Publications' second Single book that covers military vehicles. This follows the example of the SU-57 and has a lot of photos. This includes closeup images that are mostly period photos. There is no history section with information being presented in image captions. The book does open with overall drawings in 1/35 scale and there is a full color profile of one at the end of the book.

What is the real draw is all the quality period photos that are in book. It makes for a nice book for both the enthusiast and the modeler. Well worth picking up.

April 2023

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