Mushroom Models Publications' Single #32: Saab J.21R


Dariusz Karnas & Teodor Liviu Morosanu


Mushroom Model Publications


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 24 pages, ISBN 978-83-66549-26-5

This next edition of MMP's Singles series is on the Saab J.21R. This was a jet engine version of their pusher piston J.21 fighter-bomber and was Sweden's first jet. Powered by a British Goblin centrifugal turbojet, it introduced Swedish pilots to jet aviation. The original prop airframe did need some adjustment to fit the jet engine. Specifically it had to have the rear fuselage widened for the engine and intakes. In order to keep the elevators out of the jet exhaust, they were moved to the top of the fins. In addition, these planes were quite fuel thirsty so wing tip tanks soon became standard equipment.

In line with the other releases, this one is in the large A4 size with several distinct sections. There is no history of the type, but there are superbly done plans in both 1/48 and 1/72 scale. Because of the size of the plans, there are no fuselage cross sections that are in other editions. The book includes a goodly number of photos showing both the entire aircraft and some details, thanks to those that are in museums. The book finishes up with large, full page color views of an aircraft with white wing tips for an excercise. 

It is another great addition to the MMP family of books that offers all that both the modeler and the enthusiast are seeking in a plans/detail book on a specific aircraft without going into a ton of detail. I found it be well done and one that I can highly recommend to you.

August 2021

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