Title: 1/48 Scale Plans, Set 1
Author: ?
Publisher Mushroom Model Publications
Reviewer: Scott Van Aken
Notes: 12 large, double side, fold out pages
ISBN 978-83-89450-79-1

I get asked all the time about plans for this and plans for that. Truth is, I'm not a plans person, though there are a lot of you out there who are. Well, instead of hunting around the internet or through countless books looking for plans, Mushroom Models Publications has provided us with a book that is nothing but plans.

The book has twelve large fold out pages with 1/48 plans on both sides. There are two pages on the SBD Dauntless, covering all the different variants, Two on the PZL.23 'Karas', One on the Skua, Two on the Roc, One on the MiG-3, Two on the Defiant, and Two on the bubbletop P-47, including the P-47N. I'm sure that MMP had difficulty figuring out what aircraft to feature in this edition. You'll also notice that these drawings all are subjects on which MMP has books, so you have a pretty good idea of what may come next.

I have taken the liberty of showing a small section of the under-fuselage of the MiG-3 plan so you can see the detail. In all, another superlative book from the folks at MMP and one that you will find quite useful.

November 2007

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