Bell P-39 Airacobra


Artur Juszczak & Robert Peczkowski


Mushroom Models Publications


$19.95 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

Notes: #6106   ISBN 83-916327-9-2

I don't know about you, but I really like this series of books. It combines an authorative account of the differences between the variants and an excellent 'walk around' format using museum aircraft and those undergoing restoration to show the salient features of the aircraft.

This one is no different and in fact, they seem to get better with each edition. An interesting inclusion with this edition, is a flow chart at the beginning that shows how each variant and subvariant was produced from a preceding aircraft. You'd think that it would be a straight procession from one to the other but that is not at all the case. Most of the variants are in their own section and are accompanied by drawings in 1/72 scale. Now I'm not much of a plans person, but there are lots of readers out there who are and they will find these most useful.

In addition to the usual facts, figures, and serial number/production list, there is a very useful chart of Soviet aces. Many of these folks flew the P-39 and were quite successful with it. The heavy armament was much appreciated by Soviet pilots and the aircraft was a super low level fighter, where most of the air action took place over the Russian Front.

Next, there are several large sections of detail photos of various P-39s undergoing restoration or in Museums. A most useful portion of the book for those who want to make sure that the bits on their model are accurate. An especially interesting plane in this collection is a Finnish P-39 that is displayed complete and totally unrestored so one can see the original colors of the landing gear, cockpit and other normally unphotographed areas.

Finally, 28 pages of excellent profiles. Just the kind of thing to inspire the modeler!

Another excellent book from Mushroom Models Publications. If you have an interest in the P-39 or want a single good reference on the type for modeling, then this is it.

Review book courtesy of Mushroom Models Publications.

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