MMP Books' Camera On #32: Staff Cars Vol 3
Author: Alan Ranger
Publisher Mushroom Model Publications
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Reviewer: Scott Van Aken
Notes: 84 pages, paperback, loaded with photos.
ISBN 978-83-67227-19-3

The next offering in MMP Books' Camera On series is a continuation on German Staff cars. Once war was under way, the German Army rounded up the personal vehicles of most German citizens to use in the war effort. I'm sure there were tears from the owners as they were driven off. Most of these vehicles got a coat of panzer grey paint along with other military fixtures, but some were left as is other than a change in license plates for use by high ranking officials in country. Other staff cars were purposely built for the miliatry and had required equipment and paint added during construction.

This is the third volume on the subject and this one covers the cars of Mercedes. By far the most widely used was the Mercedes 170. This chassis was used not only for standard cars but a variety of specialty vehicles and these are covered. Other Mercedes vehicles featured in the book are the 200, 230, 260, 320, 540 and even the six wheel G4. Most of the latter cars were more powerful and luxurious so were used for high ranking military and party officials.

Typical of all of the other books in the series, this is a photo book pure and simple. It provides a page or two of history in the introduction and a bit more in each type section. You also get a lot of information in the caption of each image. This sort of thing is a boon to modelers and enthusiasts alike. It is a welcome addition to this series. Apparently readers like these books as the titles are continuing into the future. Well worth picking up.

March 2024

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