MMP Books' Camera On #23: Staff Cars #2
Author: Alan Ranger
Publisher Mushroom Model Publications
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Reviewer: Scott Van Aken
Notes: 80 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-83-65958-80-8

The next offering in MMP Books' Camera On series is this one on Staff cars. At the start of the war, the German army pretty well scoured the countryside and requisitioned personal transportation for the duration of the war. I seriously doubt if any of the civilian owners ever got their cars returned, however, some officers simply drove their staff cars home at the end of the war and then kept them once they were released from internment.

This volume concentrates on the Opel. Opel was the largest manufacturer of automobiles not only in Germany, but also in most of Europe prior to the war. They had a variety of cars of all sizes. During the war, production continued but these were specifically for the Army and were devoid of chrome. None had very good off road performance as they were not really designed for it, but they did provide the service that was required of them. Interestingly, Opel was a subsidiary of General Motors in the US so there would have to be some sort of payment back to the US during the war. Same with Ford. I often wonder just how this was accomplished. 

Typical of all of the other books in the series, this is a photo book pure and simple. The book starts with a brief history of Opel and then is divided into the various major types that were produced during this time. Any information on the vehicle in the image is provided through the captions of the many photos in the book. This sort of thing is a boon to modelers and enthusiasts alike. It is a welcome addition to this series. Apparently readers like these books as the titles are continuing into the future. Well worth picking up.

February 2021

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