Mushroom Model Publications' Bf-109G with DB605A Engine


Robert Pęczkowski


Mushroom Models Publications


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: #6141, 160 pages, Softcover, ISBN 978-83-65281-68-5

With the advent of the more powerful DB605A engine, the 109F gave way to the G model. This engine's additional horsepower allowed not only higher speed, but the ability to carry more equipment. What it meant is that the additional weight took away some of the speed that could have been attained by the new engine.

However, it also led to the subtype that was produced in more variations using this engine than any other in the series. The G1-8 and G-14 used the DB-605A. This aircraft was also widely exported to Finland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy and Romania. Initially seeing unit operations in mid/late 1942, field experience led to several changes, including additional cooling scoops on the engine cowling. It is surmised that it was an overheated engine that seized on Marseille's G-2 that caused its crash and his death.

The G model was also built in pressurized versions for high altitudes and as photo recon versions, though not in very large number for either one. These planes all soldiered on until the end of the war with the earlier ones being used in secondary roles or modified into later versions.

This is another superb book from Mushroom Model Publications in their yellow series monographs. This is a large format book with a lot of superb photos, many in color, as well as some superbly drawn four views. In it, you will find the full story of the design, development and use of the aircraft, not only with the Luftwaffe but other air arms as well. The 109G has a goodly number of survivors and because of that, the detail section is quite large, with a combination of period images, tech manual drawings and full color photos of extant airframes. The book also includes scale drawings in 1/48 covering the different variants. There are also the usual pages of large color profiles of some of the more interesting schemes. It's these schemes that make the 109 such a favorite of modelers. 

It is a superb work and only adds to the superlative collection of monographs that have been published by Mushroom Models over the years. 109 fans are going to want this one in their reference collection. Highly recommended.

October 2018

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