Kagero's Guide to German Night Fighters in WWII


Eduardo Manuel Gil Martinez




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: Softcover, 140 pages, ISBN: 978-83-66673-68-7

A nation that put considerable efforts into night fighters and the technology that makes them effective, was Germany. Early night fighters were bereft of electronic aids, depending on the eyesight of the pilots, the help of early ground based radar systems, and favorable weather conditions to help find targets. Slowly, various additional ground based visual aids and the introduction of aircraft-based radar systems helped out in this task. As the war progressed, there was electronic back and forth between the Allies (and this was mostly the British) and the Germans that continued until the war ended.

This book concentrates on the various German aircraft and the various units with which they operated. This also includes, in a small part, units in Hungary, and Japanese night fighting effort. This also includes electronics systems, the tactics used as things evolved, and the more skilled aces who flew these planes.

The book is chock full of over 200 period photos, several well done charts, and a number of nicely drawn full color profiles. These profiles cover at least one of each type that is covered within the book. Overall, it makes into not only an excellent primer on the subject, but an interesting read that will appeal to both history fans and modelers alike. Very much recommended.

April 2022

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