Kagero's Dornier; the Yugoslav Saga 1926-2007


Djordjei Nicolić and Aleksandar Ognjević




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: Softcover, 336 pages, large folded plans. ISBN 978-83-66673-61-8

After WWI, it became nearly impossible to construct powered aircraft in Germany so many aircraft designers/companies moved their operations outside of the company. One of those was Dornier who was designing waterborne aircraft at the end of the war. He set up shop in both Switzerland and in Italy where his early designs were constructed.

Dornier was one who believed in all metal seaplanes and floatplanes. This was as much because they were stronger but also they were lighter than using wood. When the nation of Yugoslavia came into being after the war, one of the first things they needed to do was to develop a military. Thanks to German reparation payments, the Yugoslav air arms found it easier to work with German companies for those things that could not be manufactured at home. One of those things was water-borne aircraft. Yugoslavia had a long coastline on the Adriatic that had to be defended and patroled, so seaplanes and floatplanes were the best way to go.

Their initial purchase from Dornier was the Dornier Do D floatplane. Positive experience with that led to other Dornier products being purchased over the years including the Wal as shown on the book's cover, the Do Y bomber, the Do-22 floatplane, which was operated overseas during WWII, and the Do-17K bomber. Post war, a pair of Do-28D aircraft were also operated.

The two authors have done a considerable amount of research to bring this interesting story to light. It starts with a brief history of Claude Dornier and each of the aircraft sections includes the development, operations in service, its operations, if any, during the April 1941 war, construction and tech specifications, as well as the camouflage carried by the airplane. In with each section are plans in 1/72 and 1/48 along with the occasional 1/144 drawings. The views that are too large for the book are contained in two large fold-out sheets that are included with the book. The book ends with several pages of large, full color profiles of the aircraft covered as well as any camouflage or markings differences.

I found it another superb offering from Kagero on what turned out to be a very interesting subject. I think that you will enjoy it as well.

November 2021

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