Kagero Decals 48003: Mustangs over Europe part 1

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Scott Van Aken

Notes: Markings for three aircraft.

This is the Kagero's third sheet in their Red Series of decals. While this is 1/48 scale, they are available in 1/32 as well. Apparently 1/72 gets left out this time. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf. Not surprisingly, the three options are all Polish RAF squadron planes. Those camouflages are in the standard day fighter scheme and the builder will need to paint on the wing leading edge ID stripes and that fuselage band.

First up is a Mustang III as assigned to 309 Squadron in May of 1945. Note that this airplane has a white nose and spinner. Also note that the plane has a fin fillet. The one on the Mustang III is a bit longer and shorter in height than that on the Mustang IV so you'll need to find a kit that supplies the proper tail.

Next is the first of two 303 Squadron planes. This one was based at RAF Hethel in the UK during 1946. Hence the use of the under wing serials.

The third is an unpainted metal plane, also from 303 Squadron in 1946. This has to be just before the Polish RAF units were disbanded as the RAF went into major drawdown mode during that year.

Each decal placement set is superbly done with a full page profile as well as upper and lower wing images. A short historical info section on the plane and its pilot are included, making this one of the most visually stunning decal instructions on the market. You'll notice that, like the RCAF Mustang IVs those two planes have the louvered vents on the lower forward nose.

November 2013

You can find this sheet at www.kagero.pl. Thanks to Kagero for the review set.

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