Kagero Decals 72001: Pacific Mustangs part 1

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Scott Van Aken

Notes: Markings for three aircraft.

This is the first sheet in Kagero's Red Series of decals. What you get are markings for three natural metal P-51s and that includes all the unique markings and insignia needed for all three options. Stencils will need to come from the kit you are using. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf so you know that the quality is world-class.

The first of three options is 'The Enchantress' from the 457th FS of the 506th FS based on Iwo Jima in the last months of the war. Like other aircraft in this unit, the tail section save the flight control surfaces is in ANA 503 Willow Green. The aircraft also carries the very nice nose art we have come to expect of late war US aircraft. The markings include the 'dive markings' carried on the wings of many planes, but it is not known if this one used them.

Next, also from the 457th is 'Fighting Lady'. This plane does have the dive markings on the wings and like the previous aircraft, also has the double ARA-8 homing antennas on the fuselage and the APS-13 fin antennas.

The final option is a recce bird, and F-6D as flown by William Shomo of the 82nd TRS/71st TRG based in the Philippines during January of 1945. While unnamed, it does carry his kill listing. The aircraft is unusual in not having an upper wing insignia.

Each decal placement set is superbly done with a full page profile as well as upper and lower wing images. A short historical info section on the plane and its pilot are included, making this one of the most visually stunning decal instructions on the market. Also available in 1/48 and 1/32 scale.

September 2011

You can find this sheet at www.kagero.pl. Thanks to Kagero for the review set.

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