Kagero Decals 32002: He-111Ps of KG 27

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Scott Van Aken

Notes: Markings for three aircraft.

Thanks to the recent issue of the Revell 1/32 He-111P, Kagero decided to choose this aircraft for its second set of Red Series decals. This set is designed for the very nice, and very large Revell kit. All of the aircraft on the sheet are from the 1939/40 period and have the RLM 70/71/65 splinter pattern that was standard on bombers until, well, the end of the war. All of these planes have in common the use of artwork either on the fuselage side or on the fin of the aircraft. This is some pretty big stuff and while one is in what appears to be chalk, it is still quite visible.

The aircraft on the sheet are as follows:

- He 111 P-2, W.Nr. 1417; coded ‘1G+FN’ of 5./KG 27, Seerappen, East Prussia, September 1939

- He 111 P-2; coded ‘1G+BB’ of Stab I./KG 27, flown by Oblt. Paul Hollinde, Gablingen, late autumn-winter 1939/1940

- He 111 P-2; coded ‘1G+DL’ of 3./KG 27, crew: Uffz. Otto Wehmeier (pilot), Uffz. Arthur Voigt (observer), Uffz. Otto Miklitz (flight engineer), Uffz. Manfred Kisker (radio operator); Münster-Handorf, 10 May 1940.

 A short historical info section on the plane and its pilot are included, making this one of the most visually stunning decal instructions on the market. Decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and there are photographs of the third option, which is a very nice addition. Insignia provided for all three options. Also available in 1/72 scale.

January 2013

You can find this sheet at www.kagero.pl. Thanks to Kagero for the review set.

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