Kagero's Japanese Fighters







Scott Van Aken

Notes: Camouflage & Decals #3, 40 pages.
ISBN 978-83-66673-22-9
. 55003

This is one of the books in Kagero's new releases. The book provides both superb color profiles from other Kagero books along with a nice decal sheet. In the past, Kagero books were known for providing decals or photo etch or masks with their books as a bonus, but that was discontinued many years ago for various reasons.

This book brings that back. It covers Japanese fighters and covers pretty much all of the aircraft used by the Japanese during WWII. It is missing a few such as the N1K1-J and the floatplane fighters, but few will notice their absence. In the beginning of the edition is a short introduction and a table showing the names of the colors along with these shades in various paint brands. Missing is ame-iro, which was the main 'grey' used by the IJNAF.

As the book is touted to include decals it does just that. In this case it is a selection of Hinomarus in both 1/72 and 1/48 scales. There are different sizes with some having a white surround.

I anticipate that this series will do very well with modelers everywhere. The profiles in themselves are worth the asking price with the decal sheet being a bonus.

April 2021

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