Kagero's Messerschmitt Bf-109A-F







Scott Van Aken

Notes: Camouflage & Decals #2, 40 pages.
ISBN 978-83-66673-21-2
. 55002

This is one of the books in Kagero's new releases. The book provides both superb color profiles from other Kagero books along with a nice decal sheet. In the past, Kagero books were known for providing decals or photo etch or masks with their books as a bonus, but that was discontinued many years ago for various reasons. According to Kagero, only the first five books in this series will be based on previously published profiles.

This book concentrates on the Bf-109A-F. Coincidentally, it includes a plane that is in one of their older Top Colors books that I currently have on my work bench. It appears that, at least for the initial efforts, that the decals will be generic in nature. This means they are insignia sheets. This sheet includes some Spanish Civil War roundels and rudder crosses as well as split swastikas to go along with the early war German markings. These are in 1/72 and 1/48 scale. There is a fairly large color chart that provides information with several brands of paint. What is not provided is any inkling of color information for each of the profiles so the reader who wants to duplicate any of these schemes is pretty well left on his own.

I anticipate that this series will do very well with modelers everywhere. The profiles in themselves are worth the asking price with the decal sheet being a bonus.

April 2021

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