Kagero's Eastern Front Vol.1







Scott Van Aken

Notes: Camouflage & Decals #1, 40 pages.
ISBN 978-83-66673-20-5
. 55001

Kagero has decided to bring back books with decals and this is the first volume of their Camouflage and Decals line. This is pretty much a profiles book as each page has a full profile of the book's subject.

In this case, the book is on German and Soviet vehicles that fought on the Eastern Front. The vast majority of the full color profiles are of tracked vehicles, though there are a small number of wheeled types included as well. Most of the pages are dedicated to a single vehicle, while other have two. It simply depends on the subject.

There is a caption to each profile in both English and Polish telling a little bit about each subject. At the beginning of each volume is a color chart for the shades used on the various vehicles. This chart provides a number of paint brands from which to choose.

Of course there is a nice decal sheet included that offers both Soviet and German numbers along with some Polish eagles. There are markings for one specific vehicle and this is a T-34 that was the 'hero' in a story, so the markings are fictitious. The sheet provides all these markings in 1/35, 1/48, and 1/72 scale and is very nicely printed.

I anticipate that this series will do very well with modelers everywhere. The profiles in themselves are worth the asking price with the decal sheet being a bonus.

April 2021

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