Kagero's Eurofighter Typhoon


Salvador Mafe Huertas




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 3087. ISBN 978-83-66673-98-4, 156 pages

The Eurofighter Typhoon is one of those airplanes that had a fairly long gestation period. The technology demonstrator, the EAP, first flew in 1986. In 1994, the initial prototype of what was to be the Typhoon flew. Designed to be an air superiority fighter, readers should not be surprised that it has been further developed to include a strike capability. The first production planes entered service with the RAF in 2003. So far, over 600 aircraft have been procured by nine nations.

As with all aircraft, the type has been upgraded in what is referred to as a 'tranche' with the current planes being tranche 3. Though this is a fairly recent design, plans are already in motion to replace it with either a plane developed by Germany, Spain and France or BAE's Tempest. Germany in particular, has been having difficulty keeping the type in service with a particularly low service rate.

This book provides a full developmental history of the aircraft. There is also an extensive section on the airframe itself that includes the various systems and the weapons it can carry. In addition, we are provided a look at the various nations that are operating the type, and we are provided a set of drawings as well.

The book is quite photo-intensive, which is a real boon to modelers and enthusiasts alike. Not surprising is that the vast majority of images in the book are of Spanish Eurofighters as the author is Spanish. In all, it is well written and quite informative, the sort of book that I am sure you will enjoy.

 July 2022

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