The Horton Brothers and their all wing aircraft.
David Myhra, Schiffer Publishing, 1998

320 pages, $59.95  

Who isn't fascinated by flying wings?  I know I am and read or watch all I can on the subject.  Most Americans concentrate on the efforts of Jack Northrop and his wing design, but the Horton Brothers preceded Northrop's efforts by many years.  

The first Horton wing (a glider as were many of their designs), flew in 1934 and their devotion to the design carried them on even after the war.  What is truly amazing about their story is that often their work was done in secret, even from the Luftwaffe, who did not want a new design interfering with other types.

Despite having the approval and encouragement of many influential people in German aviation circles, it was not until they got the interest of Herman Göring that they finally were able to be relatively open about their designs.  The final design they were working on during the closing days of the war was one that would be able to carry two atomic bombs to the U.S. and return.

A truly fascinating book that follows the three Horton brothers from their early youth in the late 20's until the late 1980s. Included are drawings of all the Horton flying wings as well as comparisons with the Northrop designs and the designs of other aircraft makers.  A fascinating book, profusely illustrated with Horton wings as well as other designs and the remaining example at Silver Hill.

Highly recommended.

Scott Van Aken