Aero Research's Model 1121 Jet Commaner/Commodore Jet


Jay Sherlock


Aero Research Co


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: Downloaded PdF. 118 pages, 80 photos. Also available on disc or as a paper book.

One of the earlier biz-jets was the AeroCommander Jet Commander and Commodore Jet. It was a straight wing aircraft with a spacious interior and two engines mounted on the aft fuselage. Initially flying in the early 1960s, it was provided the OK for sale in 1964. As with all aircraft, the type was upgraded throughout its career. Eventually 150 aircraft were built by AeroCommander/Rockwell before the design went to IAI who developed the Westwind. This book only covers the original 150 US built airframes.

What you are provided is a history of the aircraft in general. This is then followed by a section on specifications and performance. The main body of the book is a complete history of each airframe, including any registration changes as well as ownership changes and the airframes eventual fate. As of this date, there is only one aircraft still on the active register with several in museums and the rest either derelict somewhere or scrapped.

Finally, there are two appendices. One is a list of registrations and the last is a listing by disposition. Throughout the book are superb photos of various airframes, most of these in full color.

In all, it makes a great reference on an interesting type of which few enthusiasts are aware. Well worth picking up. Available as either a PdF, CD or spiral bound paper book.

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March 2021

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