Aero Research's Biz Jets #4


Jay Sherlock


Aero Research Co




Scott Van Aken

Notes: PdF Download # 5019

This latest edition of Aero Research's CDs is another nice civil collection that concentrates on biz jets. These aircraft are used as executive transports, military transports, government transports, and aircraft for hire to those who have the means and don't want to fly commercial. There are also company demonstrators and those used by major airlines for training included. Within this offering you will find a variety of Cessna, Falcon, Gulfstream, BaE/HS. 125s, a few Lear Jets and Sabreliners as well. All of these are civil register aircraft from a variety of countries.

As with all of Aero Research's offerings, you get over 150 images, all of them in full color. Each image has as much information included as is known. This offering is provided either as a CD where the images are larger, or as a pair of e-mailed PdFs, which is perfect for overseas customers and those who want to save a bit of money. The reviewed sample is the PdF.

In all, it makes for another superbly done selection of airplane eye-candy that will be sure to please the enthusiast.

September 2021

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