Aero Research's Sabre


Jay Sherlock


Aero Research Co -


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: PdF, Catalogue # 4018

This latest CD from Aero Research is on one of my favorite aircraft, the F-86 Sabre. One of my earliest memories as a child was when my father would take me to the end of the runway at Wheelis AFB on weekends to watch aircraft take off and land. Many of those planes were F-86s from units based in Europe that were over there for weapons training. It instilled a love of the aircraft that has never left. So I was delighted to see this offering arrive in my e-mail.

This edition provides the full range of F-86s from the early A model to the later H and L versions. It also includes those built by Canadair and Mitsubishi. The majority of images are of US planes and that includes a fair number of drones and some civilian marked planes. Also in the mix are some black and white images, though most of them are in full color.

As in all their offerings, you get over 150 images with each image having as much info as available including place and date of the image. I have reviewed the Pdf version, where the images are not as large as on the CD, but then again, there is no shipping involved.

In all, it makes for a great photo compilation that I am sure you will like.  Let me add a bonus shot that I took at Mojave in 1996.

January 2024

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