Aero Research's Stratolifter and Stratotanker


Jay Sherlock


Aero Research Co -


$12.95  plus S&H for CD. $10.95 for Pdf


Scott Van Aken

Notes: CD-ROM, Catalogue # 4014

This latest CD from Aero Research is a fan favorite covering the Stratolifter and Stratotanker. While many think of the aircraft only in USAF/ANG use, it also serves with the reserves as well as several nations, all covered here.

This disc has a superb selection of images, something in common with all of Aero Research's offerings. One thing I noticed is that the majority of straight tankers are overall grey, CFM powered versions. Only one Shamu scheme in the whole batch. The rest of them are a nice mixture of research, reconnaissance, and test aircraft along with some standard transports and VIP aircraft. You do get some early schemes and a few black and white images to spice things up. This edition also includes more than the usual number of in flight photos.

As in all their offerings, you get over 150 images with each image having as much info as available including place and date of the image. . I have reviewed the Pdf version, where the images are not as large as on the CD, but then again, there is no shipping involved.

In all, it makes for a great photo compilation on a long-lived type that isn't going away soon. 

January 2023

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