Aero Research's T-bird


Jay Sherlock


Aero Research Co -


$12.95  plus S&H for CD. $10.95 for Pdf


Scott Van Aken

Notes: CD-ROM, Catalogue # 4013

This latest CD from Aero Research is a special release to cover the T-33 Shooting Star, arguably America's first jet trainer and an aircraft that served in various militaries for 50 years. The type is still flying with warbird owners and is a fairly common sight at air shows.

This disc has a superb selection of images of the type in both US and foreign military service as well as those on the civil register over the years. A fairly large number of the images from the late 60s and early 70s are in black and white. I noticed that most of those mentioned were photographed in Oakland, CA in the early 70s. Tells me that either it was an overhaul location for the type or a scrap yard of sorts, though considering the condition of the planes in the photos I'd guess the overhaul option. As in all their offerings, you get over 150 images. I have reviewed the Pdf version, where the images are not as large as on the CD, but then again, there is no shipping involved.

In all, it makes for a great photo compilation on an interesting type.

January 2022

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