Aero Research's Classic Propliners #6


Jay Sherlock


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: Catalogue # 2017. $10.95 as PdF files.

This latest offering from Aero Research is their sixth that covers propliners. This isn't just the round motor version, but also includes turboprops. The majority of these images cover fairly well known types, such as the DC-3, Convair family of twins, the Constellation, DC-6  and the Stratocruiser. For sure, there are other types in there, but these take the lion's share of images. There is a nice mixture of color and black and white images in the mix of over 150 nicely done photos. Some of these are ex-military, but those are a small number. You will also find quite a few non-US carriers included, which adds some spice to the mix.

Each of the images is categorized by type and include registration numbers and, if known, the place and date of the image.  This is the digital copy. AR is slowly putting its earlier CDs into digital format so check with them to see what's been done if you prefer this format.

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July 2021

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