Aero Research's Museum Aircraft No.4


Jay Sherlock


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: PdF, Catalogue # 1104. CD available

Aero Research has provided us another fine set of photos, this time it is the fourth offering of Museum and Display aircraft. I particularly like this series as often one will run across something local or at least that has been seen during travels. This disc has mostly US aircraft from places in the US or around the world. In particular, there are photos from the now closed Chanute AFB. Many of these planes went to a museum opened up after the base was closed with a lot of the large displays now scrapped or transported elsewhere after the museum closed a few years back. Thankfully, there are no Pima museum planes as those tend to show up everywhere one looks on the 'net.

As usual, you get over 150 images with as much information as is known provided with the image. I review the PdF version as it saves on shipping costs and I can easily save the images to my computer. The PdF is emailed in two e-mails so there is not the huge expense of shipping if you live outside the US. The CD is also available if you wish it.  This is a great offering if you like the aircraft and is well worth getting.

Aero Research is converting its previous editions to PdF format, but that will not happen overnight. There is a real benefit from PdF files for overseas buyers as one does not pay shipping. Check their website for the latest conversions.

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Thanks to Aero Research for the review sample.

September 2022

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