Pen & Sword's The Second World War Illustrated - The Second Year

Author/Artists: Jack Holroyd


Pen & Sword


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 280 pages, softcover, hundreds of b&w and some color images
ISBN: 978-1-52675794X

This is the second volume of what is to be a series of images from WWII. This one covers 1941, more or less. I assume the first one did 1939/40. The vast majority of the images are in your standard black and white. There is a center section that is in full color.

As mentioned, this is pretty much 1941, but does cover some areas that go into 1940. It is not strictly chronological, but does provide coverage of specific arenas of the war. Here are the various sections of the book:

Mussolini invades Egypt
Mussolini targets Greece
Hitler targets Yugoslavia, Greece, and Egypt
Hittler suffers annoying minor setbacks
Hitler targets British cities
Hitler targets Soviet Russia
Hitler targets Britain's Atlantic supplies
The Axis targets Malta
Churchill sets Europe ablaze
Churchill joins hands with Stalin - Iran

There are literally hundreds of images in the book; some are familiar and many are images I've never seen before. Some pages have a single image, while other have four or five. Two or three is the norm. This means that there are images which are not exactly large. However, they are all nice and clear and picked to not only be typical of the subject area, but also are ones that are well photographed. You'll find images from all sides of the conflict, giving a good photographic history of the events in the book.

It is this broad reach of the images that makes this a really great photo book of the time. It is one that I know you will enjoy browsing through. It also provides inspiration for modelers. A book that I can quite easily recommend to you. 

December 2020

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