Pen & Sword's P-51 Mustang

Author/Artists: Martin Bowman


Pen & Sword


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 140 pages, softcover, 7.5 x 9.5 inches
ISBN: 978-1-52-6765454

The P-51 was arguably one of the best fighters of WWII. For certain it lasted well after the war in miliatry service with other nations not being retired in some until the early 1980s. Even today there are still dozens flying and more than that in museums around the world.

This book in Pen and Sword's excellent 'Images of War' series concentrates on the P-51 Mustang. There is an opening history section of a half dozen pages before we start into the photos. Indeed, this series is foremost a photo book. All of the images are well chosen and are provided as one image per page. A lot of information can also be gleaned from the photo captions.

All of the photos are from official sources so you will see old favorites. While I did see several that were new to me, the majority were not. I should mention that I've been looking at Mustang images in various books for the better part of 60 years so seeing new stuff is always a nice thing.

In addition to WWII images, there are some from Korea and this includes those flown by South Korea, South Africa, and Australia. There are also some images of the F-82 Twin Mustang.

It makes for not only another superb addition to the series, but is one that I know enthusiasts and modelers will use for references. It is a book that I can easily recommend to you. Pick it up when you can.

April 2022

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