Battle Craft: Battle of the Bulge

Author/Artists: Ben Skipper


Pen & Sword


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 64 pages, softcover, 200 illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-399007702

Pen & Sword have done a number of successful books in their various 'craft' series. These all include a history of the subject along with a look at units and a fairly large modeling section that often encompasses about half the book. These provide not only some very nice builds, but it also includes some information on available kits and accessories.

This one doesn't quite follow the same format. This is because the subject is so broad. The Battle of the Bulge was the German's last attempt to push back the Allies in a campaign that lasted over two weeks time. It was initially quite successful due to poor weather, but once the weather cleared, the Allies were able to use their air power and the campaign failed. It was hugely wasteful of men and materiel, something of which the Germans did not have enough.

This book uses the first half to cover the battle from inception until the end. Then it goes into a modeling section which is called the Quartermaster Section. Unlike others, each of the four model builds covers a single subject and provides a bit of equipment history, available kits and then the subject kit itself.

The four modeling subjects are an Airfix/Academy 1/35 M18 Hellcat, a Tamiya 1/16 King Tiger, a Hobby Boss 1/48 Me-262A, and a Tamiya 1/48 P-47D Thunderbolt. Each of the builds throws in the expected aftermarket bits with the armor builds using the most.

Overall, it is an interesting approach to a new series. There is no series number with this, but it is the first I've seen so this may well mean it is a trial to see how well it does. I very much enjoyed reading it and I'm sure you will as well. Well worth picking up.

December 2022

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