Key's Hawker Hunter

Author/Artists: Tony Buttler


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 96 pages, soft cover, 9.5 x 6.7.
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Just as American enthusiasts consider the F-86 the best looking fighter of the 50s, the British will vote for the Hunter. Like the Sabre, the Hunter is a second generation fighter that was later moved to the ground attack role when newer aircraft came into service. Unlike the Sabre, the Hunter stayed in front-line service for a fairly long time. Also like the F-86, the type was widely exported.

The development of the aircraft was somewhat prolonged as issues popped up that had to be cured and this was generally done with later variants. The total number of airframes built was not huge as earlier airframes were frequently rebuilt into later versions. The aircraft was so successful that it was still in service in the 1990s, decades after other similar aircraft were relegated to museums. Even today, the Hunter is being used by private companies in the aggressor role.

This book is another in Key's excellent series of Historic Military Aircraft. In addition to its development, the units that flew it in the RAF are covered. Also covered are the two seaters, the aircraft in test units, foreign operators and its combat record. There are lots of photos in the book, some of them in full color. It is not only a nice primer on the type, but a book that enthusiasts will want to have on their shelves. I liked reading it and I know that you will as well.

January 2023

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