Key's British Reconnaissance Aircraft of the 1970s and '80s

Author/Artists: Chris Goss


Key Books


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 96 pages, soft cover, 9.5 x 6.7.
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Ths latest edition in the Historic Military Aircraft series is on British Recon Aircraft. There are basically four types in these pages and to my mind, not all the subtypes shown are strictly recon birds, but more of ASW types, I guess you could lump them into the very broad spectrum of reconnaissance and the author has chosen to do so in order to provide enough material (actually photos) to fill the standard 96 pages of this series.

The four types are the Canberra, Nimrod, Gannet, and Shackleton. This is basically a photo book with information provided in the captions of the photos. For the most part, the images are nicely done, though there are quite a few that were taken under fairly cloudy conditions, especially in the Shackleton section.

The majority of images are in full color and tend to be provided two to the page. In addition to the recon versions of some types, we are provided images of training and other versions. It should not be surprising that nearly half the book concentrates on the Canberra as there were more airframes around to be photographed and it had a considerable career. I should also point out that those images provided in the book are all from the time frame of the book. The author has provided information on each aircraft's fate when it is known, with several of these still being extant in museums.

Overall it is an interesting title and one that makes a nice addition to the series.   

November 2022

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