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One of the UK's oldest aircraft manufacturers was Vickers. Initially building airships, they moved into heavier than air craft with little success. However, they did get contracts to build other designs that provided the experience to finally get their own types into service. The first of these successful types was the Vickers FB.5 'Gunbus'. However, it was in larger aircraft that Vicers finally made a name for itself starting with the Vimy bomber.

This led to a variety of other fairly large aircraft such as the Vildebeest and the Wellesley before their best known bomber, the Wellington. The Wellington was the most modern type with which the British entered WWII. The type was continually developed and improved, resulting in the Warwick late in the war.

Post war, Vickers developed the Valetta and Viking medium transports, the Viscount turboprop airliner, the Valiant jet bomber and their last aircraft before being absorbed into British Aerospace was the VC.10.

This book covers ever Vickers design from company formation until its end in 1977. This means a lot of prototypes and unsuccessful types as well as those which went on to see a lot of service. Each section has a brief 'sub-history' as well as some stats on the airframe itself. In all, it is a most complete look at the company and a very useful reference that I think you will enjoy.

January 2023

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