HMH's Boeing F-15E/K/SG Strike Eagle



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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 198 pages, over 450 photos, softcover, 9.45 x 9.45 inches.
ISBN  978-2-931083-19-2

This latest edition is on the F-15E/K/SG Strike Eagle. The Strike Eagle was developed to take advantage of the carrying capability of the F-15, a capability never used on the earlier variants. The addition of fairly permanent 'fast pack' fuel tanks which also carried additional weapons stations resulted in one of the most potent strike aircraft currently in service. So successful is the type that it is still in service with new orders being made from nations with the money to buy it and the expertise to maintain it. Not surprising is that most of the nations that have recently bought the type are in Asia.

While this book purports to cover both the US F-15E, Korea's F-15K, and Singapore's F-15SG, the vast majority of images are of the US F-15Es, the majority of those of aircraft out of Lakenheath, England, though there are others in the mix.

As with other books in the series, you have various sections that include the Fuselage, Cockpit, Wings, Front and Main Landing Gear, Maintenance, Engine, Things under wings, and an In Action section of photos. All of the photos are superb and provide the sort of detail that modelers love. It all makes for a superb book not just for those who like great photos, but those who are interested in more of the detail stuff. It is a book that I can quite easily recommend to fans of the type and modelers alike.

May 2023

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