Helion's The Arab-Israeli War of Attrition 1967-73

Author: Bill Norton


Helion  Publishing


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 102 pages, softcover
ISBN 978-1-804512-27-2

Probably not surprising to readers is that Helion has produced more books on the Middle East than any other in this series. The area has been a major hot spot ever since the end of WWII and is still not as stable as all would like. This book continues on the subject of the Arab-Israeli war of attrition.

The Arab nations around Israel did badly in the 1967 war and spent the intervening years rebuilding their military forces. Of course conflict was a nearly daily occurrence, though it was fairly low level for the most part as both sides spent this time probing the abilities of each other.

This volume covers fighting in Gaza, the Jordanian Civil War, fighting on the Golan Heights, and campaigns into Lebanon. Each of these sections covers not only the opposing sides, but also looks at the fighting that took place in these areas and the results. This includes the changing tactics of each side as the situation changed.

The author has done a fine job covering this important period of time in the Middle East. It provides some first person accounts along with a number well chosen period photos. As with all these editions, there is a section of full color art work and profiles. Something that I really appreciated was an increase in the number of maps which really helps us see how the various campaigns progressed. In all, a great addition to this series and one I highly recommend.

January 2024

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