Helion's COIN Operations in Paraguay

Author/Artists: Antonio Luis Sapienza


Helion  Publishing


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 72 pages, softcover, approx 100 images
ISBN 978-1-915070-74-6

One part of the history of just about any nation is that of groups wanting to overthrow the extant government. Much of this is either because the reigning outfit is corrupt, or there is a difference of opinion on how the country should be run. When it comes to south and central America, it is often a combination of an oppressive and corrupt government and those that have different ideological opinions on how things should be. Sometimes is is simply ideology.

Paraguay is one of those countries where there is a huge income gap and where the government is ripe for trouble from both internal and external forces. Paraguay is also a nation that does not have a lot of resources in terms of funding for a military force, and often has to rely on either near-obsolete equipment or items that are not expensive. Hence Paraguay has never had a modern military. However, it is has been sufficient for conditions and is well suited for Counter Insurgency (COIN) operations within the country.

This title covers the various operations against the groups trying to change the government from 1956 to 1980. Not surprising is that during this time, the country had a friend in the US to provide them with equipment and they also obtained gear from their Argentine and Brazilian neighbors to some extent. In line with other books in the series, the political background to operations is just as important as the actual fighting itself. It shows why the situation was the way it was and the outcome of military operations.

Superbly written and full of great photos and maps as well a center section of profiles and other artwork, this book gives the reader an excellent look into what the subtitle calls the 'dirty little wars' in Paraguay during this 25 year period. Highly recommended.

June 2022

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