Helion's Italian Soft-Skinned Vehicles Vol 2

Author/Artists: Ralph Riccio, Mario Piere & Daniele Guglielmi


Helion  Publishing


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 226 pages, softcover, over 200 images
ISBN 978-1-804514-91-7

It is probably no surprise to most of you that the majority of vehicles in a nation's army are unarmored vehicles, often referred to as soft-skinned vehicles. These range from standard civilian vehicles to those specially developed for the military. One nation's offerings in this regard about which little has been written is that of Italy during the Second World War.

This is the second volume in the series that covers larger trucks, artillery tractors, and other large vehicles used by the Italian Army during their participation in the war. This also includes some vehicles where the factories were taken over by the Germans after the 1943 Armistice.

While the book does cover a fairly large number of vehicles, the history section of each one is not overly detailed. Most of this and the previous book are photographs and drawings, which I think makes for a much more interesting volume. Most of the images are in black and white, though there is a small section in the middle of the book with a few color profiles and period color photos to add some flavor to the book.

In line with the first volume, this one is a real gem and has been well researched as well. It is fortunate that the Italians were not opposed to taking quality photos and you'll find that those included are of the best quality. In all, a great book and one that I can quite easily recommend to you.

April 2024

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