Fonthill's The F-100 Units of USAFE

Author/Artists: Doug Gordon


Fonthill Media


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 192 pages, tons of photos, 10 x 7, hardbound, ISBN 978-1-78155-910-9

When the F-100 was the major fighter for the USAF in the late 50s/early 60s it was based around the world. A lot of these planes were based in Europe. Not only that, but several NATO countries also flew the type. In this book, the author concentrates on USAFE based units. The book is a combination of photos and other information. Each wing is covered with a brief history of the wing along with a number of personal commentary from folks who flew and maintained the aircraft while in Europe. In each section are some nice black and white photos.

However, that is only a small portion of the images provided. In the center section of the book, which I dare say is easily half or more of the total page count. The images in the center section are all in full color. This section is also divided by wings and includes squadron badges. On top of this, the aircraft of Denmark, France, and Turkey are included as they also flew the Hun. An addition to this are the TAD units that operated out of Wheelus AFB in Libya for weapons training and some of the planes based in Sidi Silmane in Morocco.

Overall, it is a book that every F-100 fan should have in their collection. I very much enjoyed reading it and can recommend this for anyone interested in the subject.

March 2024

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