Casemate's US Army Signal Corps Vehicle 1941-45

Author/Artists: Didier Andres




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 160 pages,  hardcover, over 100 photos and illustrations. 7x 10 inches.
ISBN: 978-1-63624-064-0

It is quite true that the best way to move a large battle force is by communication. During WWII, there were several methods available. One was by using messengers, a method that has been used as long as there has been warfare. A second is relatively modern as things go and that is by wire transmission, which is either by telegraph or telephone. Another is by the use of radio, a method that works well for long distances. Of course there are other methods such as smoke or flag signals or  or even light signals, however, by WWII, those latter three were not used much at all.

This particular book covers the fairly wide variety of vehicles that were used by the Army Signal Corps. In the US, the Signal Corps was also responsible for the development of radar, which is why you see a radar set on the book's cover. Indeed, American radar systems, while perhaps not quite as advanced as German or British versions at the start of the war, had the major benefit of being portable. Several systems and their transport trailers/trucks are covered with each successive improvement also getting smaller and more portable.

Then there are a variety of radio trucks. Again, we see a variety of sized depending on the equipment carried within. These ranged from panel truck size to semi-trailers, depending on their use. Another category are specialized vehicles such as telephone maintenance and repair trucks. Of course, you will eventually need mobile radio repair facilities as well as telephone pole installation vehicles. Power generator trailers were often required for some installations and there were vehicles/trailers for things like telephone switchboards. The number of vehicles and trailers is truly impressive and all are covered here.

The author has written several other books on similar vehicles so is well qualified to tackle this particular subject. He also goes into the K classifications that were peculiar to vehicles obtained for the Signal Corps. Add to it a bevy of superb period photos and you have a book that is fascinating reading on a subject that few of us really consider. It is another great addition to Casemate's Illustrated Special series and one I know that you will like.

 November 2021

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