Avonmore's Pacific Profiles Vol 13

Author/Artists: Michael Claringbould




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 132 pages, softbound, 116 profiles and dozens of photos.
ISBN: 978-0-645-70046-6

 Continuing with their superb series, Pacific Profiles, this volume looks at aircraft of the IJN. Specifically bombers, transports, flying boats, and miscellaneous types. All of these aircraft operated in what the Japanese called the South Seas. This meant the Solomons and Rabaul. The book starts off with an explanation of the changes in units that occurred in 1942. This includes different unit designations and a change in tail codes. In addition, some specific anomalies in the systems are provided, all of which makes for fascinating reading by those interested in camouflage and markings.

So thorough is the research that several long-believed myths are shown for what they are. This is particularly true of the camouflage schemes on some planes. For instance, I had always thought that the underside of the G4M 'Betty' was a light grey. In reality it was unpainted metal, a feature that carried over to some other aircraft types later in the war.

The book is divided into units by numerical order based on the final unit designation change. Each section not only provides a short history of the unit while operating in this theater, but also some photos and a fair number of full color profiles. Each profile provides information on the aircraft in question and it is from these captions that one is able to glean the most information on the various types. In addition to the profiles and period photos, some nice art work is scattered through each volume. 

It all makes for a superb reference book for the modeler and enthusiast and well worth the price of admission. I very much like this series and look forward to each new volume. Most highly recommended.

April 2024

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