Atlantic Tomcat

AUTHOR: James Geer
PUBLISHER: Scramble 4 Productions
PRICE: $45.95
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 144 Pages, Landscape format, Hardbound. ISBN 979-8-9857997-1-2

This is the latest release from James Geer's Scramble 4 Productions and is basically a photo essay of the F-14 Tomcat in Atlantic Fleet service. There are several sections to the book and each one covers the squadrons assigned to a specific carrier air wing. Normally there were two units, though towards the end of the F-14's career, that was narrowed down to one. The introduction to each wing provides a brief on each of the wing's deployments.


Now, some units moved to the west coast from the east and vice versa. Those units are covered only when based in the east. What is the real draw of the book are the photos. They are all high quality images and cover the full range of camouflage schemes worn by these aircraft as well as some special schemes and that includes the various CAG markings. Each of the photo captions provides a great deal of information as well. In all, it is a superb collection of eye candy for the Tomcat fan and for those who enjoy naval aircraft of the period. This one is highly recommended and I look forward to any future offerings.  

Copyright All rights reserved. No reproduction in part or in whole without express permission.

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