ProModeler 1/48 Ju-87R-2 Stuka

KIT #: 5975
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Reboxed Hasegawa kit. 2002


A long range version of the Ju 87B was built, known as the Ju 87R, the letter being an abbreviation for Reichweite, "(operational) range". They were primarily intended for anti-shipping missions. The Ju 87R had a B-series airframe with an additional oil tank and fuel lines to the outer wing stations to permit the use of two 300 litres (79 US gal) standardised capacity under-wing drop tanks, used by a wide variety of Luftwaffe aircraft through most of the war. This increased fuel capacity to 1,080 litres (290 US gal) (500 litres in main fuel tank of which 480 litres were usable + 600 litres from drop tanks). To prevent overload conditions, bomb carrying ability was often restricted to a single 250 kg (550 lb) bomb if the aircraft was fully loaded with fuel.

The Ju 87 R-1 had a B-1 airframe with the exception of a modification in the fuselage which enabled an additional oil tank. This was installed to feed the engine due to the increase in range with the extra fuel tanks.

The Ju 87 R-2 had the same airframe as the B-2, and strengthened to ensure it could withstand dives of 600 km/h (370 mph). The Jumo 211D in-line engine was installed, replacing the R-1s Jumo 211A. Due to an increase in overall weight by 700 kg (1,500 lb), the Ju 87 R-2 was 30 km/h (19 mph) slower than the Ju 87 B-1 and had a lower service ceiling. The Ju 87 R-2 had an increased range advantage of 360 km (220 mi). Many units had a mix of the R and standard B models.


After Revell bought Monogram, it brought out the ProModeler range under the Monogram logo. Some of the kits in this range were new tool (F-86D, F-15E, P-47N to name a few), but most were reboxed Hasegawa or Dragon kits with different decals and instructions. Such is the case with this kit.

This is a Hasegawa kit and from what I can see can only be built as an R as I don't see the outer wing bomb racks and bombs that would be used for the Ju-87B-2. Now this isn't the only 1/48 Ju-87B/R-2 that has been done. Airfix did one many years prior to this one and even earlier was a Lindberg kit. After this one was a kit by Italeri in 2010 and Airfix did a new tool in 2017. Neither of those newer tool kits are any better than the Hasegawa kit, they are just newer.

So if you have ever built the Hasegawa kit, this is what you get here. The kit comes with different outer wing mounts for the two long range tanks and their braces. As with all their Ju-87 kits, the nose section is separate so that the rest of the airframe can be used for the D/G versions. In addition to a nice interior, the canopy can be posed open if you wish and decals are provided for the inner frames, a great idea.

Instructions are well done and provide RLM references where needed. One benefit of this kit over many of Hasegawa's boxings are decals where the white bits are actually white. The kit decals offer fuselage bands and the wing walk areas. Both of the options are in RLM 70/71/65 in a splinter pattern. The box art plane is with Stuka Group 2 in North Africa during 1941, before the aircraft were repainted in desert camo. The other is with Stuka Group 1 in the Mediterranean Theater during 1941. The decal sheet provides a full stencil suite.


This kit still makes into an excellent model and there is a lot of aftermarket out there for it. What's more, it is fairly easily found on-line at a very good price. Might want to snag this boxing if you want a long range Stuka.


April 2023

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