Fujimi 1/144 Me-262A
KIT #: 144221
PRICE: 1000 yen SRP
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


ThMost modelers know of the Me-262. It was an aircraft that was revolutionary in a field where evolution was more the norm. It was the first operational turbojet, the first to use an axial flow turbojet, the first to use air to air rockets, and the first to be used successfully in combat. It took a skilled pilot to get the most out of it and many found its increased speed to be quite a challenge when it came to using it in combat.

The aircraft also had several weaknesses such as a weak nose gear, an engine that was good only for a few limited flight hours (generally fewer than 10), and a requirement for a long landing and take off run, making it vulnerable during those flight phases. Many were lost in accidents, far more than in combat. As usual with the Luftwaffe's late war aircraft, it was a case of too little too late. However, the type shaped jet fighter development for decades to come.


This is probably not a new tool kit; at least I hope not. It does have engraved panel lines, but it is quite obviously not a Sweet or Platz kit. There are two grey and one clear sprue in a small box. The clear sprue contains two identical canopies, though there is only one kit in the box.

No interior is supplied, just an opening over which the canopy fits. The fuselage is in two halves with overly long nose gun troughs. There is a single piece wing and single piece horizontal stabilizer that slots into the tail. The rudder is then applied after the horizontal stab piece is installed.

The two engines comprise four parts. There are two nacelle halves with nearly identical intake and exhaust pieces. Landing gear have the wheels molded in place and the main gear are molded into the doors. If you wish to have inner gear doors and nose gear doors, you will need to cut the one-piece doors that are supplied. These can be used as is if you wish to have you model 'in flight'. There are also wo bombs with pylons that Fujimi would have you place under the wings. Don't.

Instructions are several exploded steps printed on the back of the box. The markings are for the box art plane, which I think is with KG(J)54. They are nicely printed. The camouflage may be RLM 82/83/76. If building it on its landing gear, you will probably need to add some nose weight.


This is not a great Me-262, but it does provide a shape for those willing to add a bit of effort into accurizing the model.



December 2014

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