Dragon 1/32 Bf-110D/E 'Nachtjäger'

KIT #: 3210
PRICE: $122.00 MSRP
DECALS: Five options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Wing Tech boxing


The Bf-110 was a 'heavy' fighter, designed to have the range to escort bombers to and from the target as well as be able to fend off attacking enemy fighters. It was a concept that many nations felt was valid and depending on who was attacking the bomber stream, would have been. However, when confronted with a technological equal in terms of aircraft development, the Bf-110 was not able to meet its mission designs.

However, this was not the end of the story. The 110 was an excellent fighter bomber, recce aircraft and was eventually turned into a superlative night fighter. It had the speed to perform the mission and was able to carry a variety of weapons and long range tanks. Though the Me-210 was supposed to supplant the 110 after the C variants were done, this wasn't the case and so the 110 continued to be developed. The D model was basically a long range version able to carry drop tanks and equipped with a life raft for over water use. The E variant added improved fighter bomber capabilities and the ability to carry more weight thanks to its uprated engines.

Both the D and E versions were also developed into night fighters. Initially, these planes were without radar, though the first experimental radar sets were installed in 110D aircraft and sent to NJG 1 in Holland to provide operational experience. prior to this, the dedicated night fighter units that also included NGJ 4 simply painted their 110D and E aircraft matte black and used visual methods along with some assistance from ground radar to find the British night bombers. Even with these unsophisticated methods, there was some success, which encouraged further development of the 110 as a night fighter.


For the first time, Dragon provides the bits to build a proper Bf-110E. Previously, a 110C and 110D were issued, making this the third kit in the big scale 110 series. As with other kits, there are bits and pieces added to ensure that you are able to accurately portray the variant you wish to build. Dragon also provides a somewhat complex radar array with photo etch dipoles for those with the skills to build it, and a standard plastic one for those of us who don't.  Below is a full listing of the features of this kit.

# Bf110E
- Newly tooled antenna on underside of nose
- Newly tooled flash suppressors for Bf110E Night Fighter
- Newly tooled wheels truly represent Bf110E
- Newly tooled tailwheel for Bf110E Night Fighter
- Newly tooled scissor link for Bf110E

- Brand new rudder dedicated to Bf110E accurately presented
- Pilot tube mounted beneath wing
- Great details on nose with camera as options for modeling Bf110E

# Bf110D
- Finely reproduced dingy release cable made from preformed metal wire
- Rudders represent the real ones
- Realistically detailed gun barrels are slide molded with hollow ends
- Detailed FuG 202 aerial bracket mount for Bf110D, both injection plastic and photo-etched options available
- Strengthened landing gear realistically portrayed
- Extended rear fuselage realistically reproduced
- True-to-scale tailwheel

- Slide-molded engine cowling cover has maximum detail
- Propeller blades with accurate curved cross-section and true-to-scale thinkness
- Moveable propeller blades
- Propellers can rotate
- Defined control surface represents the real one
- Fuselage possesses metal-skinned detail
- Transparent cockpit canopy made from separate parts
- Option of displaying canopy side windows open/closed
- Engine cowling cover can be assembled open/closed
- Realistically reproduced DF601 engine has intricate detail
- DB601 engine represented by multiple parts
- Detailed pilot tube on underside of wing
- Detailed inspection covers with rivets
- Cockpit canopy with realistic ribbed detail thanks fot slide molds
- Cockpit canopy antenna finely detailed
- Cockpit canopy can be positioned open/closed
- Instrument panel authentically detailed
- Detailed under-wing air intakes and vents
- Three different depths of panel lines exhibit astonishing level of minute detail
- Rear pilot's MG 15 with windproof cover for antiaircraft and rear defense
- Wings represent laminar-flow airfoil shape
- Two drum-fed MG FF cannons under the fuselage
- Air filter has fine detail
- Landing-gear compartment with interior detail - struts delicately rendered
- Optional position landing gear
- Intricate MG ammo included - double - drums for MG 15, round drum for MG FF
- Pilot's seatbelt upgraded by photo-etched parts
- Antenna devices located on underside of fuselage - loop antenna, antenna array and antenna mast
- Includes finely detailed boarding ladder
- Four MG 17 weapons for interior of upper nose

Instructions are to Dragon's usual high quality of printing and provide both Gunze and Model Master paint references along with the generic and RLM equivalents. All five options are basically matte black with the two 110Ds assigned to NJG 1 and the three 110Es assigned to NJG 4. The differences between planes are basically code number though one D is radar equipped and one E has a shark mouth as shown on the box art. The rather largeish decal sheet is well done and provides full stencil markings. No swastika is provided so you'll be off to aftermarket sheets for that one.


This adds more interest and another great variant to Dragon's growing line of Bf-110 kits. It should provide many hours of building pleasure and result in a superb model when finished. If big scale planes are your forte, this is one you really should buy.



October 2010

Thanks to www.dragonmodelsusa.com for the preview kit. You can find this at your local shop or on-line retailer.

October 2010

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