GPM 1/33 Ju-87D-3


213 2/2004






Scott Van Aken


Card Model


Wanna know about the Ju-87D? Go to and you'll find more than you can imagine on the subject!


This is another card kit thanks to the people at Scale Paper International. This time it is a Ju-87D-3 in winter camo. This is considered a level 2 (out of 3) kit so I guess that means that it is for intermediate builders. Though these kits normally come with a vac canopy, none was included in the review sample to simplify mailing. However, it does have full framing as do all these card kits so one could easily make a canopy out of acetate sheet. Like all these kits, there are full instructions in Polish, though actually, any average modeler can pretty well figure out what is needed. There are templates for some of the parts as one must generally buy sturdier stock for things like wing ribs and spars. Use of wire is also required, but all the colored stuff is superbly printed in the kit itself.  I've shown a section of the fuselage in the image at the top of this paragraph. Frankly, from the photos of the completed model, if you didn't know it was card, you'd never guess its true make up.


If you are to the stage where the building is much more important that the completed kit, then perhaps you should look into card modeling. It seems as if there are a lot of people doing it and there are a wide selection of items from which to choose.

Thanks to Scale Paper International for the review copy

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