ProModeler 1/72 Spitfire Vb

KIT #: 5941
PRICE: $15.98 when new
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


The Spitfire V was one of those stop-gap aircraft that, like the later Spitfire IX was basically an upengine modification. Originally, the next Spit after the MkII was to be the Spitfire III, but that ran into issues and it was decided to simply add the next upgrade of Merlin into the Spitfire I or II airframe. Most Spitfire Vs were new build planes, but some were either modified on the production line or were actually rebuilds of earlier airfames. It turned out to be a rather potent type that, for a brief time, leveled the playing field against the Luftwaffe until the FW-190 entered service.

This is basically a reboxing of the Revell AG kit. It has a 'made in Poland' label in with the kit. Typical of most of the ProModeler line, a good kit for the time (1997) was chosen. Engraved panel lines and generally very nice detailing are evident. The cockpit is well appointed for the scale and should please most builders.

The Spitfire is a pretty basic airframe so there isn't a lot of fiddly stuff. Some of the fiddly bits are separate upper and lower wing cannon bulges as well as optional standard or clipped wing tips. No separate control surfaces on this one. Nor can the canopy be posed open as you are provided a one-piece version. The clear plastic is a bit thick so no need to spend a lot of additional time on spiffying up the cockpit.

Instructios are superb with photos from extant aircraft on nearly every construction step. One thing I notices is that the photos of the elevators show the later versions and not the early ones worn by the Spit V. Minor point for sure. Markings are for three planes. One is for the Wing Commander of the Polish Wing at Northolt in 1941. Dark Green and Dark Earth over Sky camouflage. Second is the box art plane with the 107th Reconnaissance Squadron in June of 1943. This is in  Dark Green and Ocean Grey over Sky though the box art shows it in what looks like the desert scheme. Finally, in the midwar camo is a 402 Squadron aircraft. Decals are nicely printed.  


This kit may be 20 years old, but it is still a nice representation of the Spit V. It can be found quite easily from a variety of sources and is worth picking up and building.

October 2018


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