Eduard 1/72 IL-2m3

KIT #: 7410
PRICE: $12.95 MSRP
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Weekend Edition


While the initial production, single seat  Il-2 proved to be a deadly air-to-ground weapon, heavy losses resulted from its vulnerability to fighter attack. Consequently, in February 1942, the two-seat design was revived. The
IL-2M, with a rear gunner under the stretched canopy, entered service in September 1942 with surviving single-seaters eventually modified to this standard. Later changes included an upgrade from 20 mm to 23 mm to 37 mm cannons, aerodynamic improvements, use of wooden outer wing panels instead of metal and increased fuel capacity. In 1943, the IL-2 Type 3 or Il-2m3 came out with redesigned wings that were swept back 15 degrees on the outer panels, and nearly straight trailing edges, resulting in a wing planform somewhat like the AT-6 trainer. Performance and handling were much improved and this became the most common version of the Il-2.


I must have missed the initial boxing of this kit as it looks to be quite nice. The exterior detailing is fine engraved panel lines and while rather soft, there is a small amount of fuselage interior detailing. The upper wing serves as the floor of the cockpit and there is some detail there as well. The canvas work on the control surfaces is not as prominent as you will find on some kits, which is a good thing. In addition to the three injected plastic sprues, there is one for the canopy, which comes either as a single piece or with separate sections. Since the clear plastic is a bit thick, I'm not sure how you'd get the sliding sections to interlace, though you can pose the gunner's canopy hinged on the right side.

Since there is no tub as one would normally find, the interior bits are attached either to the upper wing or the underside of the closed fuselage halves. There are bulkheads, pilots seat and controls along with instrument panels. For the back there is the gunner's strap seat as well as the gun and mount. The large ammunition cannister has large sink marks on both sides, the only molding glitch aside from some ejector towers in the wings and some very light flash on a couple of other parts. I would have expected bombs with this kit, but instead we have four RS 84 rockets. The holes for the rails are already drilled in the lower wing. The rockets themselves have but two of the four fins molded with the body. The other two need to be attached later and are quite small.

The kit's instructions are a folded sheet of paper with many construction drawings. I found the drawings well done, but quite small, undoubtedly to get it all on one sheet. The color information is all Gunze from three of their lines of paint. Typical of a Weekend Edition, there is but one set of markings and those are shown on the box art as an aircraft from the 3rd Czechoslovakian Squadron. The decal sheet is well done and should go on easily.


How this one compares to the Academy kit in this scale I don't know, but it is a major improvement over the quite elderly Airfix offering. At only $13 retail, it is very much a good deal for the money.


November 2010

Thanks to me for grabbing this one at the LHS.

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