KIT: Czech Master Resin 1/72 Seafire folding wings
DECALS: 3 options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin detail set with decals

This is a resin folded wing set for use with any of CMR's mid-production Seafire kits. Specifically the Seafire XV with the stinger or A-frame tail hook and the Seafire 17.

The set comes well packaged in a segmented plastic bag that is itself within another bag. This helps to protect the delicate bits on the end of the parts and for that very reason, I've not removed them from their inner packaging.

The resin is superbly molded with crisp engraved detail, just the way most modelers like it. This is a total wing replacement and consists of a wing center section, outer folding wing parts and folding tips. You also have the hinge plates included in the set. Wing guns and pitot tubes and antennas will have to come from the donor kit.

The set is really quite simple to install and the instructions are first rate. They supply photos of each of the hinge areas with dimensions regarding the distance between the tips and the length of the brace bars provided. An additional bonus is a sheet of very nice photos of extant aircraft to further assist with your build.

Markings are provided for three planes, each dependent on the donor kit. This is a very nice addition and adds extra value to the set by giving another markings option. For the A frame Mk XV you have an 883 RCN aircraft from 1948. The stinger Mk XV, an 804 Sq FAA plane aboard the HMS Theseus in 1947. This has a replacement wing with early camo on it. The final option is for an F.17 of 767 Sq FAA  with the 50th Training Air Group in 1950. The decals are superbly printed and appear to be quite thin.


This is a superb detail set that is perfect for something a bit different for the norm. Though designed for the CMR kit, I'm sure that it could be adapted to others.

My thanks to Czech Master Resin for providing the review copy.

December 2006

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