Airfix 1/72 Hurricane I






Two aircraft


Scott Van Aken




The Hurricane is yet another plane that needs little introduction to most modelers. It has also been made by just about every kit maker of note. However, what has not been done that often is an early fabric winged version. Most all Mk Is are like this kit and have the metal wings. Now metal wings started replacing the fabric ones with aircraft L1877, however, I have wanted to build a Hurricane I with the two bladed wooden prop. Unfortunately, the change to the three bladed version predates the wing change with L 1562 being the first off the production line with this prop.


Airfix's Hurricane kit is the second Mk I version kitted by the company. The earlier kit was one of the very first models done by the company and while it looked like a Hurricane, it was a very crude kit. In the 70s this second version was released. It also looks very much like a Hurricane, but is much simpler than current kits from other manufacturers.

One will notice right away that there is really not much in the way of a cockpit. Only a floor and rear bulkhead. The pilot figure is then glued to the seat built into the bulkhead. There are no wheel wells at all. In fact, there are no separate main landing gear struts. They are molded on the gear doors and you glue the wheels to the inside of the gear doors. There are two sets of gear doors in case you want to display your Hurricane in flight. This is possible as the kit comes with a display stand. The underfuselage radiator is of proper shape, but there is no radiator detail, only a blanking stub on the bottom of the wing

Instructions are a seven step sequence, showing a logical construction progression. Colors are given in the construction steps via Humbrol numbers. No other color information is given until one gets to the camouflage scheme. Then you get a generic name as well as the Humbrol number. Decals are for two planes, however the instructions only shows JX*B from #1 squadron. This is the plane that I did for my Hasegawa 1/72 Hurricane. Interestingly, the decals in the kit are not for this plane at all!! There are markings for RF*C and AE*K with a small badge for one of the Polish Hurricane units. Talk about odd. I'd be willing to bet that Airfix got a lot of letters on that one! Anyone else run into this? Fortunately, there are lots of aftermarket decals for this version of the Hurricane.


This is definitely a kit that any beginner can have up and flying in a short time. It has few parts and will look just like what the builder wants when done. More experienced modelers will build it for nostalgia or just because they want a kit with no hassles.

Review kit courtesy of me and my wallet!

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