Denizen 1/43 Driver Figure

PRICE: Aboug $6.00
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Cast Metal

Those of us who build 1/43 car kits from time to time notice that there is one thing generally missing from them. That is a driver figure. I guess the companies feel that one is not needed as cars do spend most of their lives without anyone behind the wheel.

So many years ago, I went on a web search to see what I could find. I ran across a company in the UK that was selling these figures. There were a fairly good number of them all of them being fairly similar, but differing in the garb they were wearing. Over the years, what drivers wear has changed and since my main interest in terms of racing cars was the 1960s and early 1970s, I chose a figure that was wearing what is basically a pair of fire resistant coveralls.

The figure comes with a fairly straight body that is minus feet, a pair of arms and a helmeted head. This particular kit comes with a then standard Bell type helmet with a small sunshade on the front. As I'd be modeling cars of drivers that wore different helmet bills, I bought a few bags of different heads, but that is another story.

These will fit in most racing car models in this scale though some need to be adjusted a little to fit into the kit's seat. I've not tried one in an F.1 car yet as I lost track of them about 15 years back and only recently stumbled across them once more. The company is still offering all sorts of figures, but this set is no longer in the catalogue.

Here is one stuffed into a Can Am car.

October 2021

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